VeryFit 2.0 App Reviews

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Missed steps

Literally misses hundreds of steps. There is consistently a discrepancy between the device/app, my phones default step tracker, and my old school pedometer. I’ve sent emails to the company on several occasions with no response. I was hoping to use the device to track steps as part of my health insurance discount but kinda hard to do when it doesn’t accurately track your activity. Device is less than a year old


I agreed that the app worse for a while, but i figured out you just had to bind it. Yayyy. 5 stars

Change the time

I would give this app zero stars if I had the option! I bought these for my 9 year old twin daughters and this app only displays military time and theres no option to change it. Its pretty darn useless for a 9 year old. Very frustrating.


The app/ tracker isn’t catching my sleep or recording it .

Does not work with IOS 11.0.3

Please update to correct pairing issues.

Won’t bind

This is suppose to be a better version of VeryFitPro....yet it doesn’t bind to my watch. I’ve reverted back to the old app. Needless to say there is much to improve here

Doesnt allow user to change time display

There is no setting in this app that allows the user to change the time display on the watch- it defaults to 24-hr military time- I bought 2 of these for my little niece and nephew- they cant use these watches, theyre useless. How could you forget to leave out that setting in your app??

Can I give 0 stars?

Did not "bind" with the device. At all. Please get a native english speaker to translate.

Bad update

No longer connects to Apple Health. Visual in goal setting interface is completely out of whack. In spite of a few updates, this app consistently fails to improve. And I will keep on top of this until its genuinely fixed (if it ever is) to keep the manufacturer honest. The TW64 activity tracker doesnt fit average women. At 24.2 cm, its much too large. It doesnt track sleep at all like it claims. I have to use the app to restart the device every day because it reverts to the previous days step count. I bought a TW64S, which has its own problems and uses a different app. If you cant afford a Fitbit and you think these cheap Chinese versions are at all comparable, forget it...they arent.

App keeps freezing

I was using my veryFit and the second time I charged it and tried to reboot it to update my info it keeps freezing up on the app and I have deleted the app to try see if that but does not work the is the first time I have used this product and I am disappointed

Email notifications dont work.

Disappointing. I wanted email notifications so I wouldnt have to pull out my phone when I run or any other time to see if it needs to be actioned right away but it only works for text and phone and social media like Facebook or Twitter. Everything else is fine for the price.

Restarts my device

App is crap every time I try to sync device to phone it resets my steps to 0 on my watch I just had over 6000 steps and now I have 0 also wants to switch time zones I have not left the current time zone. It is pissng me off!!

Difficult to sync

Extremely difficult to synchronize with bracelet. Does not update automatically and no way to do it manually. Nice bracelet but a waste of money if cannot read the digits in the phone

An issue

My steps wont count

Has issues

Has issues tracking sleep and will take your heart rate but is not tracking it.

Data loss between devices

Happy with the band itself, but Ive had two instances of data loss in a week when Ive gone to update and sync the devices. 50/50 chance of the band keeping the data current with the app. throughout the day. And the sleep tracker doesnt seem to accumulate the total hours slept in a day - if I get 4 hours at night and one in the afternoon, I only see the one recorded at the end of the day; not the total of 5. If the purpose of having this wristband is to track my steps and sleep, it seems a little off that I have to do it manually - as opposed to risking losing my data for the day. It stays on fine and records information well, but just doesnt jump that last hurdle every time.

the band works but not this app

ive synced my device and it updates the time but isnt sending info back and forth. kinda disappointing

Not syncing

Ive loved my watch, but today I was not able to sync it with my phone, therefore the time date arr not correct. Not sure whats going on, but I hope it can be fixed.

Fit Bit

I think it worked really well, Im just having difficulties trying to change my fit bit into the correct date, but otherwise everythings pretty cool.

Apps not working

Very bad app! Hard to synced, does not account for time zone change and so you lose the entire day data. Since January 2017, stop working all together as the calendar is block to the last week of December. I tried to uninstall and reload, still not working.

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